Why Choose Us?

  • We are trustworthy. We always do what we say we will.
  • We are helpful. Always willing to assist our clients get to their targets
  • We are inspiring. We enjoy creating new possibilities from new opportunities
  • We are straightforward. We have established our reputation by being honest and direct with clients
  • We work as a team. We know that this makes us stronger and better to serving you

A Little About Us

This is a locally wholly owned company by indigenous Kenyans with the purpose of providing Power Solutions to the East African market at affordable prices and excellent after sales support…Learn more

Some of our services

Provision of Electrical Equipment

We supply distribution boxes, panels, armored cables, flexible cable,switches, sockets, holders, flourescent lighting and tubes, electrical accessories, conduits and fittings

Provision of Reliable Power Solutions

We supply UPS, Inverters, Solar Products, Voltage Stabilizers, Batteries, and spares

Structured Cabling Solutions

The communications systems installed today must provide quality, performance and EMC performance not only for the current needs, but also for future requirements. We provide this.

Some of our products