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Product Description

Quality Standards
Our diesel generating sets meets the following standards:
GB/T2820, GB1105, YD/T502, ISO3046, ISO8525, ISO8525-3-5-6.
Factory Test
Each our generating sets must be got through 1 hour load test for
running 0%, 25%, 50%,75%, 100% and 110% load before dispatch, All
protective devices, control functions are simulated and it’s system
checked, proved and then passed for dispatch. A test certificate
can be provided upon request.
AC/DC control panel consisting of:
.. Emergency Stop button
.. Voltmeter and selector switch
.. Ammeter and selector switch
.. Frequency meter
.. Controller DSE702(Key start) or EMS39(Auto-start) with following
(and not restricted to) features:
. Start/Stop button
. Hour run meter
. Monitor engine temperature and provides shutdown protection
. Monitor engine speed and provides optional shutdown
. Monitor oil pressure or level and provides shutdown protection
. Alarm output for abnormal operation
Available Options:
Weatherproof Canopy, Soundproof Canopy, Trailers, Automatic
mains failure panel, Manual transfer panel, Automatic transfer
Panel, Fully Automatic Synchronizing and load Sharing Panel,
Manual Synchronizing Panel.


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