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Based on recombinant electrolyte technology where water loss is minimized through low hydrogen over potential alloy and starved electrolyte design, facilitating oxygen cycle for regeneration of water. Electrolyte is held in a matrix of Silica and within the plate pores.
Most of the Low cost commercial VRLA Products use inferior alloys, very low resilience separator material, products with high internal resistance, with low shelf and service life, designs are not application specific & outdated manufacturing techniques.
With years of Continuous improvement, backed up with In-house R&D facilities, Southern Batteries produces PREMIUM RANGE OF VRLA BATTERIES branded as Hi-Power. This technology is developed at par with U.S, Europe and Japanese Benchmarks and cost effective Chinese manufacturing techniques
Hi-Power Premium Range VRLA batteries manufactured in The Company, has a unique feature of Excellent Deep Discharge Recovery & Quick Recharge Characteristics. Hi-Power Premium Range of VRLA Batteries adopts balanced positive to negative active material ratio for UPS applications. Premature capacity loss is avoided through special alloy, paste additive selection design and process modifications.


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