Solar System

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Solar System

High Power Output

High Reliability


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Product Description

High Power Output
Our modules are designed for high efficiency and high power output to utilize limited space while giving you a greater return on investment.
Unique 4 bus bar, half-cut, monocrystalline cells increase efficiency. Proprietary cell surface texturing process increases light absorption.
Anti-reflective glass traps more light, increasing module output.
Straight electrical tabs ensure integrity of electrical connections and increase current flow Cells matched for electrical uniformity produce high power output and reliability
High Reliability
Superior craftsmanship, engineering excellence, and attention to the finest detail ensure longevity and optimal performance. Industry-first, 4-layer protective junction box reduces risk of failure from water or dust intrusion, enhancing reliability and safety
Sturdy frame allows mounting in portrait or landscape orientations
Exceptional engineering allows module installation next to saltwater
Double layer of corrosion-resistant coating protects frame
High static load rating of 5400Pa to endure high wind and snow loads
Heat resistant diodes allow modules to operate under a wide variety of temperature conditions


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